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by Grimnian





What is MineEye and VoiceBox?



An obvious question, MineEye and VoiceBox came to mind after the creation of the Land of Grimney. I had always intended to find a way to encourage, support and promote creativity of all kinds. The problem I found with many websites was that they often swallowed talent through sheer weight of member numbers. This we wanted to avoid.  

With that knowledge clear in our minds we will implement a well promoted scheduling system into the construction of VoiceBox - The Virtual Stage; this will be a platform whereVoiceBox’s members will be able to perform music, poetry, comedy routines or simply talk about their books, or read extracts and short stories.  


Maybe filmmakers would like to stream their indie movies to our audience? Or popstars (We have many established and up and coming talent involved in the project) could stream their music videos live? Maybe you're a DJ? If so hookup and maybe do a show and run your business through us! Or perhaps you're a chef? You could present a live cookery show!

Personal trainers could conduct a fitness class?!  

There will also be an interview section too and you might even wish to do online book reviews. 

Twitter will be integrated into the system as we at VoiceBoxPromotions are loyal to their concept.  

The system will give interesting folk an opportunity just to share their thoughts with our viewers. There will be no limit on what people wish to do, although pornography will not be permitted, burlesque dancing is an accepted art form though.

Tweets will be sent out on Twitter to announce a performance, and these will be free to over one hundred thousand people.

There will be a very small charge for membership, a tiny twelve pounds a year; this breaks down to a pound a month, and according to the exchange rate that is one dollar sixty five cents for weekly access. The membership costs have been kept incredibly low, as we are still driven by a desire to serve and help artists of all kinds without any aspect of exploitation.

Book promotions will require the same small fee as previously mentioned, but if the system helps you sell books, records etc; the one dollar sixty five a week and the one pound a week should be worth the investment. Membership is open worldwide. Dollars and pounds are just examples.

There will be no further hidden costs.

We hope that you will recoup any expense with your own sales, and what you sell is left to your own imagination.

Why charge you may ask? The website being designed is an incredibly expensive state of the art top of the range live streaming venue system with huge bandwidth capacity, it will need money poured into each month to keep it running.

We and its builders Red Communicatons, an award winning design company and global brand, will have to manage it. The intention is to grow and adapt and with the money we make we will expand VoiceBox,and branch out it MineEye, also a new and revolutionary idea for social networking. Once completed this will also be included in the years membership at no extra cost.

With your support and contributions we intend to become a powerful online influence in discovering, supporting and empowering new talents throughout the world.

VoiceBox has incredible potential.

VoiceBoxPromotions, our hard working publicity department, have gathered over one hundred and thirty thousand followers on Twitter and we are proud to share with you that a significant core are involved with the music, film and publishing industry. We are followed by many thousands of incredibly talented individuals and hope that we can help share their gifts with others.

MineEye and VoiceBox will be two unique concepts, simply being built for you. How successful you are depends on your determination, drive and ability. We believe that success for us will be measured only by the success of those who become involved and strive to achieve their goals and dreams.

We hope that you will join us, share your gifts and participate in all aspects of MineEye and VoiceBox, of which there will be many. We are here to see you succeed, but success is in your hands. We will take great pride in seeing you achieve your ambitions and helping you as much as we can along the way.

Good luck and may your dreams take flight!


© Grimnian 2011


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