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by lee ann mcclure





The Scarecrow

Standing in this field alone
By the wind I'm gently blown
Looking straight in front of me
You can't imagine what I see

Daylight lets me see so far
Night brings the twinkle of a star
They gave me a face full of frown
Corners of my mouth turned down

They made me horrible and scary
To make one and all very wary
But with natural beauty all around
Surely it is joy that I have found?

Seeing all this scenery
Mile upon mile of greenery
Morning bringing the sunrise
Myself, i can only apologise

For seeing what you do not
I am in the perfect spot
Seeing it all pass me by
All the time to wonder why?

You never wait or take the time
To see around you in it's prime
When did you last stop and stare
At what's around you everywhere

Just let your senses fill you in
Breath in deep as day does begin
Snow on the ground, in the breeze
Upon the branches of the trees

Or a sunlit day shining so bright
Hour upon hour of glorious light
They should of made me with a smile
Nature makes this all worthwhile

Next time you pass, give me a wave
A happy face is what I crave
I can't have one myself you see
But I surely wouldn't swap with thee.


A Child

Who would win if a shark

And crocodile had a fight?

Can I really answer this

And would i even be right?

What will I be when I grow up?

I want to drive a garbage truck

You do well at school my boy

You'll do better with some luck

Why when the water is clear,

Do we always colour it in blue?

That is a good point my son

It's something we do, that is true!

Where is the end of the world?

How do you know you are there?

Not something I've thought about

Good question though, that's fair!

When the dinosaurs were here

How old were you mum?

I'm really not that old baby

Now i do feel glum.

How can i wash my face

When i have dirt on my hand?

"Go clean yourself up" I said,

This is not what I had planned

Some of the questions I've faced

From my son; a lad and a half

I don't know how he thinks of them

But, boy, do they make me laugh!


A Forgotten Place

Take me back to the place

That I love and know so well

I cannot tell you where it is

But there I can tell you I fell


For what I really am not sure

Even for who, I cannot say

But happy to go back there

To enjoy just one more day


The feelings inside it created

The love, the joy, the glee

Made me feel on top of the world

The pleasure was there to see


Not too sure how I got there

Or how to find my way back

I strive to be in that place

But memory to me, does lack


Why can't I find that place again?

What stops me from going there?

I know that deep within my heart

It truly is a place to share


It is not for the lack of trying

I'm sure it is easy to achieve

Knowing if I do get back there

I would never want to leave



A Walk

Breathe it in
Breathe in deep
Savour this moment
Let it keep

Enjoy the silence
It's all around
Except for nature
There is no sound

Ice cold air
Blowing In my face
Happy to be here
In this soothing place

So exhilirating
Clearing the head
Clear out the cobwebs
No words need be said

Walked for miles
To be right here
Problems resolved
I faced my fear

Not gone for good
But better I feel
I can deal with it all
Keep it real

Minutes refreshed
A clearer mind
From here on in
Solutions I'll find


All for the Money


I've got my high heels on
And I'm stocking clad
Pants are too tight
I know I look bad!

Suspenders pulled up
Digging into each thigh
You can see it all
Coz this skirt is too high

This top is too small
For my large chest
Shop assistant said
"14 would fit best"

What does she know?

She hasn’t got a clue

Probably thought

“That will never fit you”

Pink eye shadow on

My lips are bright red

Rose coloured cheeks

It's the Dawn of the Dead

A pink feather boa

Draped beneath my chin

Is tickling my nose

And making me grin

Done up to the nines

I have one final check

The style is quite bad

I look like a wreck

Moving my feet
Can't walk in these heels!
So bloody uncomfortable
Now I know how she feels!
On shaky legs I totter
Down the stairs I go
Somehow not falling
That surprised me so
Safely at the bottom
I stumble through the door
Everyone is standing there
They all let out a roar
I do look ridiculous
But the laughter makes me smile
After all this is for charity
And that makes it all worthwhile
I chose to dress as a woman!
Me?! As butch as a man can come
But after a few beers
I'm sure they'll all want some!
We'll party through the night
Raise cash fast and thick
And who really knows
This look it might just stick?

No... Trust me it won’t
Because I look like a jerk
Women make it look good
For me it's just hard work!


Lying on the bed, beauty he saw

She was perfect, without a flaw

Sleeping soundly, skin did glow

Across the pillow her hair did flow

Warmth and comfort was abound

Perfect goddess this creature found

On silky sheets of red and black

For him there was no way back

The room was dark and warm

Full moon night, he'd taken form

But in the corner he had stood

Trying to fight this awful mood

So easy for him to take as so

Something wouldn't let him go

Mesmerized by this woman

This perfect, beautiful human

Could not help but stop and stare

Smell her scent that was in the air

But lust and desire wont replace

Hunger that was part of his race

Running through his body and mind

Strength to resist he could not find

He was fighting it with all his might

Taking such beauty, wouldn't be right

Before he knew it, he was by the bed

Instincts by which he was to be led

Leaning over this enchanting being

Couldn't believe what he was seeing

Had never ever felt this way before

Heart was ruling head much more

He could leave her and find another

Who's life he could easily smother

The vein on her neck did stand out

Here he was in turmoil and in doubt

Pulsating and throbbing, drawing him in

He lowered his mouth about to begin

But suddenly her eyes opened wide

Face to face with her, nowhere to hide

Very startled, she drew in a breath

Had she just saved herself from death?

For some reason she did not feel fear

Even with this stranger so very near

Looking deeply into each other's eyes

Each feeling calm to both their surprise

Decision was made, no doubt at all

For this woman, he did just fall

She blinked slowly and he was away

To be continued another day?



Dark Stranger


The stranger cut a lonely figure

Standing in the shadow of sundown

Nobody knew exactly who or what

Had brought him to this solitary town

The stranger was waiting for darkness to come

In the shadows he would make his move

what was he looking for? What did he seek?

Just what did the stranger have to prove?

Dark all around on this full moon night

He coolly made his way down the street

His demeanour was confident to one and all

We pitied the soul he had come here to meet

This town was a haven for all kinds of outcast

People always seemed to just come and go

Who they were, or where they went

nobody ever appeared to know

A dark building the stranger did head towards

Eyes were watching everywhere

We were all hiding in our dark sanctuary

Unable to escape the hunter's snare

Never before had we had this to view

Just what were we going to see?

The Stranger was armed to the teeth

Hell bent on a killing spree

Inside the building shots were heard

Each gun blast lighting up the room

After the conflict a deathly silence prevailed

An unquestionable feeling of doom

We were terrified and hiding in fear

Our horror of death we could not conceal

I could not possibly explain to you

The terror inside that we all feel

A window breaks, a man escapes

Landing in a heap upon the ground

He's wounded and bleeding badly

The far door opens and he turns around

Without a word or an explanation

The stranger lets out another shot

Hitting this man in middle of his chest

He'd aimed at his heart, and the heart he got

What we saw next was just not possible

The lifeless body, it just turned to dust

What kind of creature was now before us?

As both hunter and victim shared the same blood lust.




I sit and I stare and I wonder why
Tears roll down my face, but I do not cry
Never knowing why the thoughts do come
And how they do affect me some
Absorbing sorrow and grief so deep
As if it all were mine to keep
Can feel the pain of those who suffer
Whose luck is down, life's much tougher
Heart feels heavy, it gets me low
Why I care, I just don't know
I'm only on the outside looking in
Probably don't even know where to begin
That said, do also feel the good too
Sometimes those moments seem so few
A person's laughter can make you smile
Can bring such joy for a little while
You feel like nothing can bring you down
Face lights up, there goes that frown
Tears can roll, but they're a different kind
The one's others can see, and you don't mind
Emitting good vibes, feeling great
The one's to which we can all relate
Myself? I can feel exactly how you do
Be you up or down, I do, it is true
There is no escaping any of it all for me
Emotions from you that no other can see
Nothing ever really goes unmissed
Unfortunately for me, ever the empathist.


Fred Brett


You were my greatest hero in every way
I miss you so much, every single day
Who you were, the person that was you
Your heart was pure, through and through

Everyone mattered, no matter what
The bad we all did, you soon forgot
Like a King, loved by one and all
You were the one we'd always call

Always welcomed us with an open arm
You always kept us safe from any harm
Never judged or really said much
I could feel your love without a touch

You had that knack, we just knew
You would be there through all we do
Your loving smile, your big brown eyes
Mischievous look, never a surprise

What I would give to see him again
But never ever to see you in that pain
To go back years before cancer struck
When your life was full of good luck

Days of snooker, lemonade and lime
The easy days of your retirement time
Kids, grandchildren and then a Great
To each and all you could relate

You'd come to visit, get a wee cup of tea
Enjoy your happiness, easy to see
Your laughter and joy was such a pleasure
Memories that we will always treasure

God took your greatness, that is for sure
Your loss is what we all had to endure
Making sure that we were now pulled apart
But never truly from within our heart

Still missed so much to this very day
It's never really going to be okay
But knowing that you're still seeing
Keeps you alive, and in your being

What we remember is not the sad
But the great you, whom we had
I was privileged to have known you pops
That honour, for me, it never stops!



You pick me up make me feel good

Make life feel like such a joy

I want you around me at all times

Can it get much better? Oh boy

I like having you in my life

What brings you here I don’t know

It’s not the same when you're gone

Please will you stay? Don’t go

You have this effect on everyone

All want to have a part of you

Be it small or large, depends really

It's up to them how much they do

For me? I'll take what I can get

More would be better than less

I'd like it all and all the time

I need it, I must confess

So keep it coming, bring it on

With others I will share

Will pass on this happiness

That, to me, seems fair



Love Defies Death

His beautiful eyes had filled with tears
Seeing them only confirmed my fears
Gently touching my face with trembling hand
Us here together, this was not planned
Looking at him, my body going numb
These crushing wounds I must not succumb
We thought we'd live forever, together as one
Perhaps raise a family, a daughter or son
I don't want to leave you, my partner for life
Our love was forever, I'm your cherished wife
Tears filled my eyes, but I was unable to speak
My heart it was breaking and I felt terribly weak
I want the world to know what you meant to me
But deep down in your heart I'm sure you can see
My vision is fading but my thoughts remain true
Look into my eyes for they say "I love you"

Tears in my eyes, I tried to stay calm and cool
Her looking up at me, knowing she was no fool
I could not pretend, this really was a mess
The pain in my heart I just cannot express
My beautiful lady, lying here hurt and bleeding
Because an idiot was drink driving and speeding
For now I need to focus on her in front of me
Not really believing that this can actually be
Silently screaming "Don't die" I cannot lose you
Stay awake, keep fighting whatever you do
In my hands I am gently cupping your face
Trying to capture my angel's demeanour and grace
Her gaze never leaving mine, I can read it all
No words spoken for each other to recall
She was going to die, that much i knew
I found my voice strong enough to say "I love you"

The car came from nowhere, was driven by a clown
Time I'd turned around, she'd been mown down
Moments felt like hours, with still so much to say
But she was not going to see the end of this day
A true and deep love that bonded us both
But knowing that death would not limit love's growth.


Nag Nag Nag

Tell me who do you think you are?

This time, you really pushed too far

Don't speak to me again that way

Don't want to hear what you say

Had your manner been more nice

Might just have taken your advice

I'm not here be spoken to like that

Don't treat me like your doormat

Laid back and nice, that is me

Quite like that about me you see

But you're surely taking the mick

At me you had to nick and pick

Make mountains out a molehill

But by God, now I've had my fill

Of hearing you go on non stop

You just can't let anything drop

Now I'm thinking like whatever

This really can't go on forever

Enough is enough, moving on

Peace and quiet is what I long

Rediscover me and my mind

My inner self I hope to find

Part of me missing for years

Time to face all of the fears

Embrace the person I am within

A new chapter about to begin

Think more of me and what I do

Realise it's not all about you

So maybe I should say thanks

For helping me fill in the blanks

You may have opened my eyes

To the new life before me that lies



Emaciated and lonely
Alive but just only
Trousers all torn
Will to live worn
Sat here sad
Life is so bad
Been here long
Can't bear to go on
Shadow of man
Who once had a plan
Captured in war
Kept me, what for
Watch me die
Break down and cry
Food is rare
Find your own somewhere
Catch that rat
With so little fat
Teeth bite in
It's vile to begin
Warm blood trickles
At first it tickles
Down my throat
I cannot gloat
Feeding a need
So I quench my greed
Fingers pulling apart
With all my heart
Get my fill
From necessary kill
With such hunger
I sometimes wonder
Just how long
I can go on
Live for what
All i have got
Family is waiting
I'm sure anticipating
My safe arrival
That feeds my survival
See this through
It's all I can do
Pray for day
I will get away
Wait for rescue
A dream I pursue
Just possible though
That is all I know
Prisoner of War
James Thomas Orr




Rockstar standing there so bold
What was it that left you so cold?
Was it the day you were hungry for fame?
But now you're not happy playing the game?
You made your millions, had your fun
You're not the same now that's all done
Shades on to hide your icy glaze
From all those crazy partying days
Gone are the years of you being real
From when you signed your mega deal!

Music that was rocking and so loud
You really used to move the crowd
You needed us all in the early days
Wanted our adoration and our praise
Lyrics that meant something to all
That made the little people feel tall
You were our hero and we all loved you
But who you are now? We have no clue
Your bleak personality does not shine
And that to your fans is a music crime!

So stand there and pose, like you're the King
But we've all moved on to the next new thing
You sold yourself down the river
Your music now doesn't make us quiver
So go on superstar, throw it all away!
Find out who is really here to stay
Your arrogance is there for all to see 
When the last song is sung who will you be?
Your superstar status will fade and turn sour
But remember your fans as we gave you power!

What is it? Part I

Walking through this spooky town
Keeping going, eyes looking down
Watch your back, don't turn around
What was that? what's that sound
I heard it come from over there
There's dark shadows everywhere
Looking over towards that window
Not quite sure why to it i did go
Was drawn by some curious fear
Something there was pulling me near
Couldn't see through the dark glass
But something beside it sure did pass
My eyes wide open looking inside
Do I go further? i must now decide
My hand finds a door handle to my right
I'm stepping into the darkened night
The door creaks open, slow and loud
I'll face this fear scared but proud
Call me crazy, ask why did i go in?
Can someone notify my next of kin?
Don't think I'll be coming back from here
Is this the end of all i hold dear?
All these thoughts going through my mind
Can't turn back now, i must try and find
The courage to keep going, see this out
Someone is here, I have no doubt
I see movement in the corner of the room
Eyes focused clearly now, I see doom
No person there, some kind of creature
It's mouth and teeth it's biggest feature
It stands up fully, tall and black
My instincts were right, no way back
Evil eyes staring right down at me
Why couldn't i have left this be?
That was my very last thought
As my flesh this monster sought
Teeth and claws tore my body apart
Blood and life drained from my heart
Guess my last lesson in life, it's true
Should have stopped, thought this through


What is it? Part II

Stood watching at the window

Hoping on his way he would go

This isn't a place to be at night

Something was just not right

He looked this way and saw me

Please don't come, just let this be

But no, being human, on he came

Can't leave me alone, all the same

Been here before so many times

Hiding in darkness, for all my crimes

I’d not choose be born this way

Given what you got at end of day

Not the normal, that is true

Just live my life, as you do

Hunted and scared for being me

Fear is what you know and see

He came towards this room so bold

My fear had left me feeling cold

He would kill me, that i was sure

Knowledge from all i had to endure

I moved to try and hide away

Pray that I’ll live for one more day

For what? That I just don't know

But it's my life and on I go

He opened the door, came inside

I did my best to try and hide

He saw me though, his fear i felt

But his card, life had already dealt

In me also, the fear was unreal

Times like this, your instincts you feel

What will he do with what he found?

Here i need to stand my ground

His life was not mine to take

Another choice i had to make

But I took it with anger, not a plan

Here before me, this now lifeless man

His blood on my hands and mind

His savaged body below me I find

Why couldn't he keep on going?

Without the need for knowing?



From darkness of the night
To morning break of light
What do you fear the most
What dread do you play host
Does silence seem too loud?
Or may that not be avowed?
Could there be someone there?
To which you must truly beware
It's dark and you're all alone
Your paranoia is overblown
Just cannot seem to sleep
Imagination takes you deep
What on earth was that sound?
Over there, do you turn around?
Perhaps, possibly, a ghost?
A spider on the bedpost?
A monster hiding in your closet?
A creature of some composite?
Or is it all just really your mind?
That's being so cruelly unkind?
That won't let you close your eyes
For fear of a nasty surprise
Sunrise is a welcome relief
You can sleep sound in the belief
That you're more safe in the day
When all horrors are kept at bay
It's far less lonely and cold
Completely exhausted but bold
Now falling into gentle slumber
Where fear can no longer encumber


Jim and the Beast

In the darkness of a quiet night
The monstrous beast did prowl
The full moon in the sky was bright
As it let out a frightening howl

It's big white teeth so sharp and long
A pointed snout on a silver face
Hairy creature, large and strong
Snarling aggressively in this place

What it faced now, it could eat
There was nowhere for poor Jim to hide
he faced a werewolf he could not beat
In this dark hole so big and wide

Lurking in the corner was this stranger
But for his trousers, Jim stood there bare
Did he not realize he was in danger?
Stuck within this beast's dark lair

Jim was an easy meal for him tonight
The beast would devour avidly but slowly
Squatting under the marvelous moonlight
Drinking his blood and eating his flesh wholly

The beast didn't know that in front of him
That Jim was not just an ordinary man
Out of the dark into the light so dim
Emerged a vampire with a plan

Must put to sleep this demon in his midst
Thus eliminating his competition
In this life he just had to subsist
Think of himself, this his own admission

No room in this land for beasts to share
Their species were enemies to the end
Could not co-habit, there would be despair
Impossible for them to both befriend

Face to face, each empowered within
Knowing one of them had to go
As one will die, the other will win
Who that will be, I do not know...

The Food Chain


The oh so cute little rabbit
sitting munching on a carrot
From the field it did pull
It's tummy now feeling full

Hawk up in the air, in full flight
Majestic wings, what a sight
Soaring along, off it goes
Heading where? nobody knows

In search of food, up so high
Birds eye view in the sky
Can see it's prey down below
Descending now, watch it go

Swooping on the little rabbit
Mightly talons reach out and grab it
It didn't really have a chance
Was victim to the hawk's glance

Settling down to eat it's food
Powerful beak ripping in good
Holding the rabbit in it's feet
Devouring every ounce of meat

Left now, just bloody remains
Pieces of fur with red stains
This bird now fed for the day
The food chain is nature's way


Sun vs Rain


Days of summer sun

Open doors to fun

Weekends are best

When we all at rest

The heat on your skin

Happy days begin

Makes you feel alive

Everything does thrive

It's all so bright

In glorious daylight

Scent of the flowers

Senses it empowers

Driving or walking

All do get talking

We all seem happy

Smiling, not snappy

Our garden or beach

Nowhere out of reach

Relaxed and chilled

A nice day to be filled

Picnic and ice cream

Weather is a dream

Kids swim in the sea

The buzz of a busy bee

Noise around is good

All in the best mood

Difference it makes

When the sun breaks


(as opposed to)


Weekend does come

Time to relax some

Up Saturday morning

Bad weather warning

Look out the window

Back to bed I want to go

Miserable and wet

But kids to amuse yet

Face pulls a frown

What a big letdown

Just what can we do?

Without get wet through

Be busy everywhere

It's just not fair

Indoors cost money

This is not funny

Is all dull and dark

Can't go to the park

Feel lethargic more

Bored to the core

Drenched by far

Time get to the car

Everyone feels irate

Now it's too late

Can't decide what to do

Makes you feel blue

Looking out at the rain

Decide it's such a pain.




Lee Ann MCClure


































© lee ann mcclure 2011


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