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Admiral Andrew Lane at first glance looked like any other average Admiral of the United States Navy. Of course one could always argue that being an Admiral of the United States Navy is hardly average. This is true. However the fact that he was a Admiral of the USN was only the begining of how far from average he was. As I said he looked like your everyday run of the mill USN Admiral. Of course just like most things especially people things are not always as they appear to be. Yes Andrew Lane was indeed a Admiral of the USN but unlike most Admirals he was only 37 years old. Acually it is more appropiate to say his current body is 37. His mind is much much older. He can actually remember back to when Leif Erikson first saw the sea. His everyday appeance is proof just how good a actor he is. He loves to tell the stories of his other selves to anybody who will listen. You see each new life he lives till the body dies. He then creates a new body and lives that life to its fullest but unlike most people he has the memories of all his past lives as vivid as the day he witnessed them. This tends to work to his advantage especially during the school years of his body so he appears to have a genius IQ (which he does have) but not so high that he outshines people like Stephin Hawking,Einstein or Thomas Edison. This helps when his body dies and his entity enters a new body.

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