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by lee ann mcclure

Standing in this field alone
By the wind I'm gently blown
Looking straight in front of me
You can't imagine what I see

Daylight lets me see so far
Night brings the twinkle of a star
They gave me a face full of frown
Corners of my mouth turned down

They made me horrible and scary
To make one and all very wary
But with natural beauty all around
Surely it is joy that I have found?

Seeing all this scenery
Mile upon mile of greenery
Morning bringing the sunrise
Myself, i can only apologise

For seeing what you do not
I am in the perfect spot
Seeing it all pass me by
All the time to wonder why?

You never wait or take the time
To see around you in it's prime
When did you last stop and stare
At what's around you everywhere

Just let your senses fill you in
Breath in deep as day does begin
Snow on the ground, in the breeze
Upon the branches of the trees

Or a sunlit day shining so bright
Hour upon hour of glorious light
They should of made me with a smile
Nature makes this all worthwhile

Next time you pass, give me a wave
A happy face is what I crave
I can't have one myself you see
But I surely wouldn't swap with thee.

© lee ann mcclure 2011


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