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 The Unknown Entity...

Jarad Drayker has become one of the Forgotten. He was a storyteller, and an adventurer in his youth, an intrepid sailor who according to legend was born in the Nineteenth Century, in the year 1852. It is believed that he was once a Zoriat, one of the mystics who helped create The Land of Grimney. He may have journeyed from Earth, drifting through time and space, transported there through dreams, where he found a swirling black box floating in a void between two worlds. The first world was easily identified by its blue oceans and lush green plains and soaring mountains. The other was lifeless rock, undefined and bleak in appearance.

Jarad drifted through the darkness and reaching out his hands he opened the black box, and inside he found two of the Three Guardian Books. Taking his quill pen from inside his tunic, he drew a glowing, flame red seed upon one of the endless blank pages inside the first book, thus generating the spark that formed the Land of Grimney.

Jarad drifted towards the newborn planet, until he found his feet resting upon solid ground. It was here that Jarad Drayker began walking the eternal mile. Above him the two blazing red suns burned bright against a silent green sky. Jarad roamed the empty plains, and once more his mind drifted towards creativity. He took his quill and began to draw the icy plains of Vorgania, a far off land that could only be reached by crossing an icy ocean. It was here that Jarad hid the Second Guardian Book. Jarad, exhausted by his toils sat down beneath a giant oak, and once more fell into a deep sleep. He woke to find himself back on Earth, but beneath the same mighty tree, and beneath the roots of the outstretched branches he buried The Second Guardian Book. Before once more drifting back to Grimney. Eyes opened wide, and sparkling like diamonds, Jarad climbed to his feet, and one bold step followed another. Once more Jarad ventured beyond the realm and passed into shadow, and legend, but his task was done, and time will keep his memory.










Reproduced from an old manuscript Circa 1925.

© 2011


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