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by Guardyan Angel

·        This story begins eons ago in a far away land, in a black and glorious castle nestled deep in the heart of the forest and surrounded by high cliffs covered with snow. It was a black castle, with thick walls of concrete and stone. The interior of the castle was immense. Grandiose rooms lit by huge hanging candelabras and corridors crossing in every direction. Candles side-by-side hung on the walls and projected menacing shadows as they flickered. The rooms were separated by gantries and each had a rustic arrangement of rattan seats and soft comfortable beds, and each room had huge windows covered with dark velvet curtains. Hand woven Turkish carpets, thick and soft adorned the floor and the rooms were heated by old ancient fireplaces, soot covered from their lifetimes of use. In the chamber-room of the castle, a mighty throne centered, sumptuous with gold on the sides and soft comfortable cushions, and before it lay huge Persian rug. Portraits of long-dead rulers adorned the walls of the chamber, and during the nights, you could hear the spirits of those who had dwelled and ruled and then died here to wander aimlessly through the mighty corridor, their breaths echoing eerily through the night. The winters here in this land were harsh, and not even the fireplaces could warm the dark stone chambers. In those long past times, people worked the land in order to survive, and one late autumn, at the stroke of midnight, the first child of the ruler of the land was born in that dark castle. His name was Vlad. A desired and loved child, the offspring of a union between a Vaivode or Prince, and a beautiful countess from Transylvania, he was a handsome boy, with dark eyes like coal, milky white preternatural skin, and lips the color of blood. In the dark bowels of the forest, where most beasts of the earth and birds of the sky feared to go, lived an old witch in a small rundown house, her clothes rotting and black from the years of decay. She had been cast out from the court by the vaivode years earlier after being found guilty of conspiracy with the Devil and the use of witchcraft, and this placed reeked with the smell of blood and death. But this day, late in the autumn of the year, a black ominous raven brought her news that would change the course of her life. A son had been born to the one who expelled her from the court. Angry at the news of the birth and of the years of solitude and loneliness she had endured after being cast out, befriended only by the beasts here, she wove a ominous spell and cast it toward the son of the vaivode. Years passed and the boy grew into a fine young man. A handsome boy who was loved by all, and protected. He still had his features from when he was young. Dark hair, preternatural skin like the cold light of the moon, and lips like crimson blood. He was tall like his father and imposing, and his skill with a sword demanded respect and love from all those around him.. but the dark moment awaited him, and on that God-forsaken day, his life would change forever. That night, the sky was clear like crystal and deep like the darkness of the ocean. A full moon lit up the land and the spell manifested itself inside his veins and in his heart. "Nothing to last an eternity, And the darkness bowed to him Loved by the beasts And the blood of those that lived once To call him from their graves, Love will never fine him, and Torment and loneliness will be his guide..." And with that, Vlad became a vampire, beautiful as we know. Dark eyes, hypnotizing, and that milky white skin. The castle would become for him a cage, and the darkness his shelter.



© Guardyan Angel 2013


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