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by Don1

Out of the bushes, a man appeared; from the look of him I’d say he was
A peasant
He stood and stared at me but not in a way that had me 
Give me some shoes, said the poor man to me
I need them for work, to feed my family
What work do you do I asked with distrust
I flail the corn by day and it earns me our crust
I looked over this man and saw him as true and told him to wait while I went for 
My shoes
As I pulled out a pair, one I did not desire, bought on impulse at the excitement of travel
I decided to give much more than was asked but wondered, what was I getting 
And I gave him the shoes.  Give me some soap, said the poor man to me.  
My wife needs to wash and keep my children clean.  
How many children have you I asked with concern.  
I have four beautiful daughters aged 3 years to ten.
I looked this man over, again saw him as true, although slightly taller, having put on his shoes.  And it set me
They were


© Don1 2013


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