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by Don1

Don’t let the glasses fool you; they’re not there to deceive

It’s all about its ownership and the tangled web it weaves

Behind the shades are tired eyes, myopic in their view

With purpose only just to shield the blur from you


In between the pieces is opportunity

To fill the airways with the crud that bends reality

Some use it as a boost to giving back the edge they lost

And doing so adds to the sense they care nothing for the cost


Bring back a time when artists worked with clarity of thought

And the product of their creativity delivered what we sought

No more the wasted rhetoric of rock stars off their face

Bring back the sentiments of before the drugged up race


Tell me a story the way you would when starting on your quest

Inspiring every copy cat to do their very best

Sing me a song the way the younger you would do

And fill my soul with love again

As I remember you.

© Don1 2013


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