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by Don1

Clouds gather and….

A man goes on a journey, leaves his friends behind

To travel far with strangers with hopes to clear his mind

Troubled times had come between the tranquil lives he’d lead

That tested faith and loyalty when those he’d loved were dead

Puts things in perspective they always say in haste

But not in context in his mind to him it’s all just waste

Who ruled we should lie down to death with nothing left to fight?

The invasive drugs and questionnaires steal time from ones who might

Otherwise gather strength and last a little longer

In making up for wasted days when single minds were stronger.


The skies lighten and….

A lighter form of questioning is laid before him now

Enough to stir great memories of earlier times so proud

The joy of birth that brings new life has brought a better dawn

The darkness that surrounded all his hopes has all but gone

The day has come when he returns a wiser better man

Steeled against a future time when things won’t go to plan

Family and friends are buoyed that he’s his charismatic self

And those memories of times gone bad are put upon a shelf.


© Don1 2013



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