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by PinkyAndrexa

by pinkyandrexa aka Sara L. Russell

Be becoming in your smiles to me and I will deal you a ten of cups.
Chiron the wounded healer shall caress you with hyssop and neroli oils..

But be thee scurrilous and duplicitous and I shall deal ye a hanged man inverted;
a six of swords; a pestilence on your heartland

..a wringing of hands.

And ye may try to weave a bind to hold me, or scold me
with fervent invocations of the Lord; spray me with holy water;

...and ye may invoke Raphael Lord of Angels;
and Christ the Lord of Love;
cry out as the serpents surround thee while thunder roars... and I

.... and I shall laugh. HAH!


© PinkyAndrexa 2013


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