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by EsperRakkaus

Creatures come and creatures die, but they never leave The Land of Grimney. The Spirits have watched over the innocent and disturbed the minds of the wretched in order to maintain equanimity throughout the land. My people, the Spirits of Grimney, can feel the equilibrium shifting. As Guardians of the Sacred Books, we know this kingdom is not meant for one to reign over the other.  

The hordes of hell are rising in the East. Vortanna the Fire Queen has burned many in the demon fire. Their souls are polluted to follow the path of darkness. The Tomb of Moloch continues to attract and convert many to the world of darkness and blood. Warlock Bone reigns over the underworld torturing souls night and day. 

Queen Eleanor is marshaling all of her troops. Eliza Jade has been tracking the Grimwood Scribes; reporting each move they make. The West has begun to unite all of their strength to defend their land from sure defeat. Paths are not safe once the night falls. The forests cry out as dreadful beasts turn blood icy cold.

Therefore my arrival was imminent. It is my duty to ensure a future for all to find their voice in the Land of Grimney without surrender. The peculiar, horrific, and beautiful alike are welcome here. Until all creatures acknowledge the danger, we are on the threshold of extinction. My quest; find the one who can restore the balance between evil and good; dark and light.

I am the Spirit of the Trees, Esper Rakkaus.

© EsperRakkaus 2013


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