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by RobJJones

Synopsis of Small Town Boy However you look at it growing up in a small town hems you in. Emotionally and psychologically it hems you in, and there will be those that love the comfort and sureness that and those who can’t wait to escape. Of course some people can’t escape the boundaries and choose different ways of escaping the narrowness of small town life. It’s a less pleasant and self-destructive journey accompanied by anti-social behaviour, family disruption and an eventual descent into the hell of addiction. I took such a journey and went the whole way down into a deep place to escape the confines of my small town, only of course I then realised I was to find that an even worse fate awaited me. Stuck in my town with only drug addicts as friends, I woke up one night after a massive overdose to find that only the skill of the emergency services had saved my life. That was my day, the day I decided to change and this book will tell the story of my journey. From the nightmare of heroin addiction, to a happy family life this is my story. A tale that I hope will help others to attempt their own journey, to make their own changes and a new life.

© RobJJones 2013


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