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by SMacca

I'm frightened
Of letting you in
Unsure I can do this again
Where to begin?
Can I remove that barrier 
Is it worth it?
This time it may be scarier
But I feel so weak.....
How do I know it will work 
Will I be able to trust again?
Have I the time to invest
Or will it end, another mess?
Falling head over heels
Drowning so deep
I can feel your thoughts of love
But the wounds from my past still weep
My head can't cope with all this thinking
Shall I go for it and take this risk?
I don't want any more fear but I'm sinking
I must find the strength to swim again 
I've fallen head over heels
Now lost in your arms
I'm safe 
Enjoying this honeymoon leap
Bathing in loving thoughts 
I choose love, it's ours to keep ...........
It is ours to keep.............

© SMacca 2012


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