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by SMacca

fat cat sits licking his golden coat at the top of one of the bell towers

the rodents are ringing the bells

rabbit is at the entrance greeting the guests & customers

fat cat shouts to the rodents to pull harder & faster

rabbit sings to drown out the fat cat so customers don't hear

rodents are fearful of fat cat because of its demanding power 

but think about leaving to the sister tower

fat cat ignores the rabbit because it's beneath him

fat cat only talks to rodents when he wants something  

because each bell ring makes cat even fatter

dog at top of sister tower runs down to greet the guests 

opening the front door for the important customers

on his way down he appreciates how hard the rodents are working

& also passes them pieces of cheese which he knows they enjoy

top dog rings the bells for them whilst they eat 

their cheeses one by one on a break

the rodents ring the bells harder & faster 

because they want to help their kind top dog

top dog then gives the rabbit many carrots 

& praises the rabbit in front of the guests

the guests are really impressed by the treatment 

& so encourage their friends from fat cat's bellfry

to join them in this sister bellfry 

because the atmosphere is so much better

the fat cat of the first tower gets thinner & hungrier 

rabbit & rodents leave first tower to join the sister one 

because it is busier & is now open all hours

all pets respect top dog because he listens & cares for their wellbeing

rabbit is happy because she has another friend to talk to 

who supports her with greeting guests

top dog becomes richer & so can afford to buy the tower from fat cat

fat cat is so desperate to sell that  top dog buys at a fair price

top dog is rich successful & all animals & guests are happy

fat cat is now lonely, hungry & very unpopular.

© SMacca 2012


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