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by Lily of the Valley





If I were to die tomorrow

Would you stop and grieve for me?

Or soldier on like a stalwart

As you show yourself to be?

Would you come to my grave

And tend it with care

Or revisit old friends

like I’d never been there?

Would you silently weep

Over memories fond
Or put albums in cupboards
forget our love bond?
Would you talk of me fondly
Recalling my name
Or forget my existence
As if I’d brought shame?
Would you beat yourself up
Over unspoken feelings
Or dismiss with excuses
Of time and its healings?
Would you cradle me gently
In arms soft, with care
Or leave it to others
Who loved and were there?
If I were to die tomorrow…….










  From Me to You




  Passionate, proud and poetic


  Astute in many ways


  Unstoppable in his projects


  Lives life to the max each day


  Rebels against rules, regulations

  Of underdogs he’s on their side

  Sometimes rambunctious and up for a laugh

  Sometimes boisterous and wide


  With all these qualities comes a wealth

  In experience of life, love and loss.

  Lots still to learn. Good and bad, happy, sad

  Live each day as it comes at no cost.


  In my son I am proud as he walks on life’s path

  Shoulders back, head held high, bring it on.

  Keep your humour and passion at hand all the time

  And with these you won’t ever go wrong.











 It takes two to make a marriage work
 Together to bond and grow.
 To start as you mean to go on through life
 And to let your feelings show.
 To share with one and other
 Your hopes and dreams for life
 To live as a unified partnership.
 A supporting husband and wife
 The beginning is never easy
 Getting to know each others ways
 To learn each others foibles
 and accept imperfect traits
 To communicate your feelings
 Though hard as it may be
 To share those inner hopes and fears
 Baring your soul, your lover to see
 To help each other through thick and thin
 To share all your worries and woes
 To be there in times of distress and need
 To support and help banish those foes
 It’s the little actions that make it work
 A word, a touch, a kiss
 But if these little gifts are not present
 Then things start to go amiss.
 So think very hard before taking that step
 Is it really the path that you want?
 A bed of roses it won’t always be
 There will be an abundance of thorns.
 The path of true love never runs smoothly
 But with love and support you’ll get there
 But remember to talk and let into your life
 The one that you love and hold dear.





When I looked upon your body small

Who knew how it would be

That something so tiny could have such an effect

On someone as cynical as me.




But there you were all scrunched up and wrinkled

So new. So faultless. So pure.

Gently wrapping yourself around my heart

I knew there could be no cure.




But who wouldn't want to love you.

So perfect in every way.

Those beautiful eyes, that tiny nose

And that bountiful head of hair.




The past three years have gone so fast

Through crawling and learning to walk

Your bright new teeth, your first few words

Each life stage another to chalk




I’ve watched you grow from a little bump

To this big girl who’s nearly three

And each time I think of you I realise

Each day’s been an honour for me.




With many proud moments I’ve been blessed

And one that stays clear in my mind

Is a memory that will live on in my heart

One I can regularly rewind




Twas a day that I came to visit

I climbed the stairs calling “hellooooo!”

The surprise on my face a picture

The great joy in my heart ever so




You ran up the hall and opened your arms

And I picked you up with glee

You gave me a hug and looked into my eyes

And then it came “Gannee!”




My heart it swelled with emotion

My heart it filled with pride

My cup of love over-flowed

So much that I nearly cried




There’s nothing like that feeling

There’s nothing like that day

It gave me a surge of emotion

That my heart could be moved that way




My children have been my pride and joy

No more love did I think I could feel

But with Grandchildren comes a new learning

A lesson in love so unreal




There can be no explaining

No reason or rhyme

But it’s there lying silently dormant

Waiting for that special time




When I looked upon your body small

Who knew how it would be

That something so tiny could have such an effect

On someone as cynical as me.





 The power 



 The power she has upon you


 Is strong and you can’t see


 She’s playing games


 She calls and texts

 And just won’t let it be.


 You can’t say no

 Again you go

 Without a thought for me

 What can I do to get through to you

 But all I get is “so”


 You say that family matter

 She’s not a member now

 Or maybe it’s what you truly want

 A lie to me your vow


 You just don’t see it hurts me.

 You just don’t seem to care.

 I have a heart not made of stone

 But still you wander there.


 She’s playing games

 You must see that

 to split our love once true.

 But when her game’s succeeded

 She’ll not be there for you.


 Her game is nearly over

 The score to her one nil

 I can’t do more to make you see

 This time I’ve lost my will.


 This time there is no going back

 This time no final chances

 I stand defeated but strong in mind

 This time no backward glances.


 So off you go my loved one

 Go forth and lead you life

 Our time together over

 Your ever loving wife.






Wishes do come true. 

Each night before I went to bed

I’d clasp my hands in prayer

Our Father which art in Heaven

Would it land on a listening ear?


Month after month I’d add a verse

God bless Mummy and Daddy too

And for me the most important bit

My wish so strong and true


“And please make the baby be a boy”

Was all that my parents would hear

Night after night and week after week

It began to heighten their fear


What if it’s not? What if it’s a girl?

How will she cope with the shock?

But I had my faith though very young

Nothing would make it rock.


Then the day arrived. The ninth of May.

Off to school I went with excitement

The day my brother would arrive

Or would it end in disappointment?


To my aunt’s for lunch to hear the news

No phone was in her house.

We crossed the road to the corner shop

And waited what felt like hours


Then it rang out loud it rang out clear

A sense of urgency

The time had come to seal my fate

What had been planned for me


My Father’s voice was distant

As he called from far away

It’s a boy he said. I took it in.

My world was made that day.


I didn't get to see you

for a long time after that

Children not allowed in wards 

The sign said bold and stark


When they brought you home

I was told to sit in a chair so big and secure

Then they gently placed you in my arms

Our bond was sealed for sure




We grew up close and never fought

Or nothing worth bringing to mind

I’d be there if you needed any help

Or you to help me unwind




We’d sit and chat in a busy room

No need for others company

For hours and hours of this and that

At ease in our own proximity




Years have come and years have gone

Parents, sadly, no longer with us

But we still have each other no one can deny

Our friendship goes on regardless.




We’re older now our lives so busy

Our families taking our attention

But we know the other is always there

If we need to let off some tension.




So here’s to you my brother dear

With all my loving heart

From the sister who prayed for you so very much

And had faith in you right from the start.

































© Lily of the Valley 2011


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