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by Iceman

Words can only say so much
So lost inside without your touch
Your softest voice a welcome tone
The feeling of arriving home

Your beauty never leaves my side
Your grace and elegance aside
To gently stroke your flowing hair
To lie quite still with you lay there

These dreams are real I make it so
They're just for you and me to know
For I have walked and held your hand
Side by side just like we planned

Strolled along an empty beach
Climbed the mountains out of reach
Swam in waters crystal Blue
I'd win the Golden Fleece for you

These thoughts of you are just a dream
My life is not what it would seem,
No lazy walks in summers hue
Just dreams I have in place of you

But ask me once I do behest
Could dreams be seen as second best?
I'd rather take the dreams of you
Than give my heart to someone new.

© Iceman 2011


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