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by Beth Ould Oram

Death means New-Life


On this solemn morn,

How dare the sun’s rays, shimmering,

Penetrate the hazy dawn;

Death walks hand in hand with life.

Birth and Death, opposites, close, yet far apart,

Existing side by side,

One rejoiced at, the other mourned over.

And yet should this be such a solemn morn,

That we forbid the sun to shine

On death, as well as birth?

For It is The Son who guides us from birth to death,

And through Him death now opens a new page,

A dawning, a re-birth,

Where eternal life is spent,

In the radiance of The Most High,

Where His glory shines,

Upon this one - once dead - but now alive in Him.

Praise, worship and adoration be to Him,

Who sits on the throne

And to the Lamb,

The Prince of Life, the author of re-birth.


                                      (By Elizabeth Oram)



© Beth Ould Oram 2011


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