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by lee ann mcclure

If you were a superhero
Who would you be?
Would you stay secret
Or would we all see?

Which mighty powers
Would you possess?
Would you use them for good
More or less?

Fly or be strong?
Invisible or psychic?
Would you go alone?
Or have a sidekick?

Would your costume
Look and feel
Silly or normal
Would it look real?

Pants visible to all?
Or a cape flowing free?
What about a name?
Who would you be?

Mine is Wonder Woman
Not what you think
Silly night out
Too much to drink

Nothing too outrageous
A laugh we all had
Decided to keep it
The thought isn't bad

Who would you pick?
If you had the choice
Take or create
Use your own voice

Nothing too serious
All in good fun
To you the most cool
When all said and done

Superman, Spiderman
Catwoman or Batman?
There's got to be one
 Of which you were a fan?

To save the world
In your special way
Now that would be good
At the end of the day!

© lee ann mcclure 2011


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