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by Geseende

Ah, listen to the songs and ballads. Hear what they sing.

"Follow your dream"

"If you want something hard enough, you will get it."

But, no matter how much a fox may dream of being an eagle, it will ever be a fox.

People are so discontent with who they are. They want to be younger, more beautiful, stronger, fitter. They spend their money and their time in an effort to be other than they are, Running away from themselves, so to speak.

Hah! I could tell you some stories.

The vet's boy that wanted to be a singer. He left the animals that needed him to pursue life as a singer of ballads. Well, that didn't last, it never does. Oh, the sheep and cattle that suffered, because he neglected his true calling for personal desires.

Then there was the nurse. She spent years caring for her patients, but, one day, she looked at herself and decided someone should care for her. She wanted to be beautiful; adored. And, with my help, it happened. For years men doted on her and chased after her, yet she felt empty and unfulfilled. It was only when she returned to her patients that she was happy again.

A young lad dreamed of being an adventurer, of travelling the world and discovering new countries. He joined a ship bound for the lands far beyond the sea. He was ill for the whole of the journey. When they did arrive, he was put off the ship by the captain. He wandered the forests and was eventually bitten by a snake and died. If only he had been content to be a farmer, as his fathers were for many generations, he would have had a long and happy life.

There was a soldier, brave and courageous. He was the pride of his regiment. But that was not enough. He wanted to write poetry. So, he quit the army, and found lodgings in a tavern. He spent day and night writing verse after verse. He became a bard and went through villages and towns reciting his work. But, either his work was poor, or the people were not generous enough, because he did not earn enough to live. Starving, he stole food from a market, and was caught by his very own regiment, and faced the judgement of the law.

There are many other stories I could tell you, all of people whose lives, in their estimation, were not as they should be. When they tried to change, they became other than they were, and fell to disaster.

Like a fox leaping from a mountantop -

- trying to be an eagle.

© Geseende 2011


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