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by Don1


Autumn is clearly upon us

And it sets me alight, visibly,

As I stand still from my early morning toil

And the vapour rises and curls from my shirted back


The dew sheen reflects the rising sun

Showing its true colour

As a silver gossamer veil

When my eyes wander down to the grand browning oak


The early morning crow call

Seems seasonally louder

As the moist cold air

Resonates the unforgettable


The summer rain we enjoy so much

Will soon turn to its true stair rod angle

Forced on by the chilly autumn wind

And forcing on a new garment layer


We grieve the end of summer

When even the light is chilled

But revel in the beauty of golden leaves

And the abundance of berries


Time to make good of the fruits

Of the forest and garden and make ready

For the cold winter ahead with a hot broth

And a goblet of golden dessert wine


Robin has reappeared although

He never went away he just

Chooses to show his finery

In his cocky aggressive display


Wrap up well we must to stave off

The stiff autumn breezes and the inevitable

Winter bluster and storms keeping cosy

In our bed, thermals on, longing for summer.





© Don1 2011


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