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by Grimnian


Grimnian is a Zoriat, a Guardian of the Sacred Books. According to legend he came into conflict with a warlock named Gothar, keeper of the Mystic Jewel, a cruel and devious master of the dark arts. Gothar, a collector of magical items wanted the books for his collection, and he knew the only way he could obtain them was by murdering Grimnian. He invited the Zoriat to his castle,  and poured a potion of Wormwortt and Scrope, two very poisonous herbs into a silver chalice filled with ruby wine, and offered it to Grimnian in an attempt to poison him. However Grimnian's powers, enhanced by the Sacred Books had made him immortal, and the liquid simply turned Grimnian's skin a very dark shade of red. Gothar angered by his own failure resorted to another plan, he would trap Grimnian's heart inside the Mystic Jewel. Grimnian's powers once more proved too strong and he deflected the spells, and instead it was Gothar who found his heart trapped inside the precious stone.






© Grimnian 2011


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