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by Flodden

'You'll never beat me at this' said the Trolley clicking his tiddly, 'I was brought up playing Tiddlywinks'.  The sound of the click, reverberated throughout the cave.  The little vole, who was always afraid of being caught in the Trolleys' wheels, knew he would win, but decided to keep the confidence of his trap to himself, just in case the Trolley would roll forward, and break little vole's back!  He had seen many of his little vole-friends caught in this way; the 'Cave-Trolleys' had almost wiped out most of the creatures of Grimney, but this game of Tiddlywinks, could be a way of escaping, so thought the vole, and of usurping his new master.

'Your turn Trolley' said the vole feigning his participation and thinking he had planned his trap with Trolley unawares. 'I always find little vole' said Trolley, 'that when you take greater part in our games, I expect you to act-out; you vole folk are a scurge on this land, the Trolleys will break the backs of your kind, and forever deliver goods to people who do not want them delivered, for that is their fate young sir'.  Trolley clicked his Tiddly with his wheel (Trolley's wheels were the most feared and admired extension of thought, that existed in Grimney) and as the disc flew up and away from the dirt, the vole quickly climbed Trolley, installed a Grim (local Grimney-Trolley currency) into Trolley's connector-link, on his bar, and slid it forwards locking Trolley's thoughts and movements; Trolley was vole's, to do with whatever he wished.

'Hurrah' shouted vole as he clicked his heels, and rolled about in delight.  His kind had sometimes used the currency to cease the Trolleys' movements, but never had a vole actually gained control of a Trolley, and maintained minimum interference from other Trolleys.  The cave was situated at the top of a huge cliff, and from it led a massive dipping path; the Trolleys had made this path on their excursions south when making the dreaded 'Deliveries' to the suffering peoples of Grimney; that swept down into the vale, like a brush stroke gradually running out of paint. Vole turned Trolley around, and sped him down the slim-line sweeping path towards the central vale.  As he pushed and let go of Trolley, he shouted with his little paw-fist in the air 'Don't come back you Trolley!  We voles have had enough of our backs being broken, and we have all had enough of your deliveries on the peoples who do not want anything delivered, now we know how to stop your Trolley ways!'

And the speeding Trolley, alone and gathering momentum in the waning sunlight, sped on down the mountainous path towards Trolly onlookers gathering in the vale, who gasped at the sight of a disabled brethren gaining momentum towards ultimate destruction - faster and faster, and faster - no more deliveries for Trolley.  The watching trolleys, rattled against each other that was their famous war cry, and sped towards the cave.  Vole, who had no more Grims to use, feared for his little back, and hoped his vole friends would arrive soon, but they were so far away...




An introduction to 'Twilight of the Cave-Trolleys'.


Jamie Bell ©




© Flodden 2011


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