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by CharaSimcha

Happiness is the dancing fountain

But joy the spring that flows beneath


Joy is laughter

Joy is dancing

The hug of a friend

The kiss of a lover


Joy is birdsong

Dancing dragonflies

The smell of lavender

The touch of velvet


All this is joy, but it goes deeper


Joy is the mother holding her baby

Freshly delivered from the incubator.


Joy is the doctor's "All Clear"

Lifting the spectre of cancer.


Joy is the parent's open arms

Receiving the child long lost.


Joy rises from hope as the heart says

"They will save you. They will come."


Joy is a time of lucidity

Before dementia claims the loved one back.


Joy is the man on the mountaintop

Standing on legs made of steel.


May you find joy in every moment.

© CharaSimcha 2011


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