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by GlosnikPrawdy

Mr. Fox stretched himself luxuriantly, and gave a noisy yawn. His companion, always nervous, twitched, and settled. Mr. Fox watched, and smiled. He found his friend an endless source of amusement. 

“Ah, that is a glorious rainbow over there; so vivid, so pure in colour. What say you, Mr. Mole?” 


“Why, Mr. Mole. What’s wrong?” 

“Always you talk of these things. How blue the grass is, how green the Sun is.” 

“No, no, no. The grass is green, Mr. Mole, green.” 

“And the Sun?” 

“Yes, that’s green as well!” 


“Oh, Mr. Mole. Please, don’t be upset.” 

“I do not know of these colours. I cannot see. I have never seen. I have no wish to see. I am perfectly fine as I am.” 

“I am very pleased for you.” 

“In fact, how do I know these colours even exist?” 

“Because I say so.” 


“Mr. Mole, Mr. Mole. Do you not believe me? I am hurt. Hurt I say.” 

“You talk of a rainbow? A band of colours hanging in the air? What holds it up, then?” 

“What do you mean? Nothing holds it up.” 

“Well, how does it get there?” 

“I don’t know. The Sun shines on the rain, and it appears.” 

“How can I believe in something I cannot touch, feel, hear, or smell?” 

“Because I tell you.” 

“BAH! Rainbows! Colours! They don’t exist. They can’t exist. You’re mad, Mr. Fox, utterly mad.” 

Mr. Fox smiled a wry smile to himself. There are some things that some people refuse to believe, no matter how true they are.

© GlosnikPrawdy 2011


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