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by Don1

‘…so’, said the elephant to the bolder than brass,

wiry little mouse,

‘Get out of my way or I’ll stomp on you,

you know I’m as big as a house.’

‘Why don’t you just go round me,

after all I was here first?’

‘Because I’m an elephant, there’s a pool right there

and I have a terrible thirst.’

‘That is no pool, you big Hefferlump,

it’s a mud covered, slimy swamp.

And you won’t have to go out of your way all that much

to avoid giving me the stomp.’


‘No little rodent, you’re in my way and

I was here long before you were.

And clearly, you see, from my mammoth size

you have no right to challenge my power.’

‘Oh really?’ said mouse, in a cocky way,

what makes you think you’re so tough?

You’re a pachyderm, you smell very bad,

and you let humans treat you so rough.

No one rides me, I don’t wallow in mud

and I keep my teeth groomed and contained.

But you with your trunk and your overgrown tusks

say to me that you should be ashamed.’


‘Of what? Runty mouse’ declared the big beast,

‘I’m as handsome as elephants be.

You’re forgetting your place in this dangerous world and

everyone admires me.

I clear forests, can dance on a drum,

I can even soar to the sky!

You must be aware, or at least must have heard of,

the great White Elephant Fly.

And in truth you must know there’s no louder trumpet

than my splendid bendy trunk.

And as for my scent it’s a musty aroma and not like yours,

you furry skunk.’


‘Enough of the insults, I still will not move,

I’ll just sit here nibbling my lunch.

And when I’m done I’ll just have a big yawn and

settle down for a snooze on my hunch.

You’re no popular guy, you’re a big scaredy cat and

despite your long nose, have no clout.

You’re often ignored, in fact when we’re both in the room,

it’s me they talk about.’

‘I gave you fair chance’ said the big raging bull,

you’re never a match for me.

I’m not going to stomp you, I’ll just swing my great trunk and

then faster than light you’ll go..’


© Don1 2011


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