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by WaylandCybersmith

Kiko was a clown

He loved being a clown

He sang, and he danced, and he juggled, and he played tricks on people

Everyone loved Kiko, because he made them laugh.

And they gave him things.

They gave him food, and clothes, and money, and all kinds of things

Because they loved Kiko

And Kiko loved getting things.

Gradually he had more and more things, but it was never enough

The more he had, the more he wanted

The more he had, the more frightened he was of losing even the smallest thing.

He loved things more than he loved being a clown

So, he didn't sing, or dance, or juggle, unless someone gave him something.

The people around him became sad and poor

They wanted Kiko the cheer them up, but he just wanted the things they had.

One day, Kiko went into town, but he couldn't find anyone

He looked high, and he looked low, but there was no-one around

Then he heard crying from an alley

He went there and found a child weeping and weak.

He sang, but the child still cried

He danced, but the child still cried

He juggled, but it made no difference

So, he asked the child what was wrong

The child said she was hungry, she had not eaten in days

Kiko thought, I have plenty of food, I will give her some of mine.

So he did, and the child was happier

Then Kiko saw she was dressed in rags

Kiko thought, I have plenty if clothes, I will give her some of mine

So he did, and the child was even happier.

Making the child happy felt good to Kiko

Better than being a clown

Better than things

So, he went around town, giving away what he had to people who needed it

The people became happy

Kiko became happy

And he sang, and danced, and juggled, and all he wanted was applause

© WaylandCybersmith 2011


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