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by willigjessille

She ran, through fields and streams she ran, she didn't look back,she just ran. She new she'd done wrong so she ran, she began to faulter, to break pace, but she gallantly ran on, running for her life, for all she new. She fell, tumberling to the ground in a heap cushioned only by the thick tuft of long overgrown grass. She didn't move, she didn't get up, she didn't look round. She curled up into a ball, a small ball and fell asleep, sleep being her only ally in her frightful predicament.

She woke, gunshots sounding all round her. She closed her eyes hoping the grass would cover her, after a what seemed like a long while they suddenly stopped, she opened her eyes, feeling the worst was over, and sat up. she saw nothing but felt a a cold metal object on the back of her neck, she turned slowly, looked up and saw someone, a man. The look in his eyes bleeded fear like hers, she trusted him, wrong or right, she trusted him. He lowered the pistol, extended an arm and helped her to her feet. He was tall, and a distinct look of rebelion on his face. They didn't exchange words, he suddenly leg go of her hand and ran off, she ran after him, trusting it wasn't a trap. After running for several miles he slowed, as did she. He turned, looked at her, and began walking to where she stood. She began walking towards him. They met, looking into each others eyes.
''Are you one of those?'' she asked.
''No, I did what you did'' he replied.
''What about your family'' she said quietly. ''Are they coming with you?''.
''They're already there, I'm meeting them at the crests head, what about yours?''.
''They're there but couldn't afford to meet me, they must save their hapes for food'' She looked at him, he smiled.
''Come with me'' He announced ''My family can take us both, oh you must! It'll take weeks to walk and no cartsman take the route'' He said wanting to make her happy, hoping he'd succeeded.
She weighed up her options, what he said was right, and she trusted him.
''You're right, if it'll be okay i'd love too, thank you so much'' She was happy, the thought of seeing her family again had kept her going and now it was going to happen.
She looked back to the far hills, knowing everything would be okay, and felt victorious. She turned at looked back at the Man who'd helped her.
''I'm Darcey'' She said smiling.
''I'm Jonas'' He smiled.
They walked on, and everything was good.


© willigjessille 2011


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