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by lemonpeaves

The Prince's Companion

The tight air hung around the customers drinking in the old tavern on the edge of the small village to the east of Grimney Land.

Two hooded figures sat at a small wooden table in a darkened corner, they both had drinks of hot fire lemonade in front of them but neither of them had touched a drop. The Tavern had seen a busy evening but now that it was getting late custom was dying down, there was now only locals and travellers who took beds in the inn upstairs. None of the other customers had given the couple even a second glance, the tavern was often a place where people would do their dark deeds, everyone knew, for instince, that on wednesday nights two mystical creatures ffrom the nearby water forest came in and dealt rare black out dust that had been banned for years, everyone knew this was going on but nobody said anything they just went on with their business or went back to drowning their sorrows in a pint of the strongest orange fizz.

The youngest of the two figures pulled down his hood. His neat blonde hair was slighty messed up, he caught a tear of condensation from his glass and looked over to his companion.

"Pull down your hood my sweet." He said.

The other person did as she was told and dropped her hood round her shoulders. The blonde boy sighed in relief, he had waited to see her all night. The woman's little black eyes darted around the room quickly. Her nose, when she turned to the side, looked badly bent and her lips small and mean. The boy didn't flinch though because as much as he looked he didn't see these things, the features that made small children run away. All he saw, as she looked back to him, was beauty, beauty coming out of every pore, each glint of her eyes made him stop breathing, to him she was the most beautiful woman in the whole of the land.
The blonde, rather dashing boy was a Prince. He was son of the great King, he was heir to the throne and set to become great himself. Every girl and indeed some boys loved him and dreamed of becoming his Queen. He was perfect, flawless, faultless...though something they didn't know was that he had a secret, he was in love, in love with a Witch. The Witch jumped slighty as the Prince lay his hand over hers.

"I haven't got long to stay." He said, his beautiful hair shining in the glow of the candle in the middle of the talbe.
"I know the last cart will be here in ten minutes." The Witch said quietly.

The Prince jumped up suddendly, pulling his hood back over his head, he lifted the Witch's hand pulling her up too.

"Come on sweet thing." He said gentley.

He led them to a small space under the stairs. He pushed the Witch gentley up against the wall and pressed against her, the Witch sighed with bliss as their foreheads touched then their lips met. The Witch didn't dare breath, a Prince was kissing her, holding her, loving her. They pulled apart and just held each other, the Witch's chin resting on the Prince's shoulder. She put her mouth to his ear.

"The cart is nearing, you had better be on your way." She told him sadley.
They parted.
"Will you be here next week?" He asked her.

The Witch put her hood on again, she stoked his cheek softley.

"Of cousre my darling, though I fear you will not be." She said, as well as being a Witch she was also a born soothsayer, she could tell the future and though her predictions didn't always turn out to be true she knew this one would, it had been coming for a long time.

"I will, i'll be here!" The Prince insisted.
"Oh my darling don't stress yourself." The Witch told him.
"I'm not going if this is the last time I'm ever going to see you again!" He said, tears forming in the corners of his eyes.

The Witch cackled, or it could have been a nervous laugh, you never can really tell with a Witch. The sound of hooves from the courtyard caused them both to look towards the door.

"Go." The Witch said gentley.
The Prince looked at her sadley, he had to go, his father would have him found and dragged back to the castle if he tried to run away. He grabbed her hand.

"If I never see you again remember that I lo..."
"No! Don't say that! The Witch pleaded a tear running down her ugly jaw line.

There was a shout from the cart driver outside.

"Go!" The Witch said harshly.

The Prince hurried towards the door but before he opened it he looked back, she tried a small smile but it didn't happen. There was another shout from the cart man and with that the Prince pulled open the door and was gone. Heart broken the Witch sunk to the ground. She closed her eyes trying to save the image of his face in her memory forever. Tears flowed freely now, that's it, she thought, she would never see him again. The Prince didn't know it but his father, the King, had arranged for his son to be married to a Princess from another land. The wedding would take place, she had seen, tomorrow day at noon and then the Prince would be in constant company of his new wife, doing his duties, he would have none of the freedom he had now. The Witch could see that they would never meet again and she wished she couldn't because it hurt too much. She wrapped her arms around herself and shut her eyes tight whispering...

"I love you."

The Prince gave a smile to the cart driver as he climbed up onto the back of the cart, there was no-one else on tonight and he was glad because he didn't feel much like chatting.

"Ready boy?" The cart man asked.
"Yes sir." He answered.

The Prince sat back resting on the uncomfortable wood the cart ws made of. Once the cart was on its way he stared back at the little shabby tavern on the corner of nowhere, he pulled his hood round his face a little more so the cold wing couldn't sting his damp eyes and pressing his hands up to his heart whisphered out to the night.

"I love you."

The End. :)
Thank you very much for reading!

© lemonpeaves 2011


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