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by lee ann mcclure

two bodies entwined in the night

legs wrapped around each other

passion high, about to unfold

lust and new heights to discover


lips locked together, kissing soft

tongues probing, tasting, teasing

hearts beating faster together

feelings inside, oh so pleasing


hands caressing the naked skin

finger makes a trail up the spine

causing the body to shudder so

letting out a pleasurable whine


chests pressed closely together

holding each other so so tight

desire it builds, with each other

enjoying the time with delight


feeling relaxed and comfortable

lying side by side, calm but hot

takin their time, no need to rush

the whole night, they have got


they can feel their need growing

the hunger, the want, the lust

intensity has taken hold of them

making love was now a must


the two moving in sync together

both enjoying each other so much

pressing into one another harder

languishing every moment of touch


the rythym increases, faster, harder

moaning louder, nails digging deep

but with all the fire in their two bodies

serene composure they did keep


they worked so well together as one

confidently, knowingly, happy at peace

could make love all through the night

to enjoy each others inevitable release









© lee ann mcclure 2011


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