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by Iceman

To some it is like death itself,
To others such a welcome status,
Nothing makes you feel so mortal,
An all encompassing hiatus.

Silence brings along it's demons,
Brings a purety of thought,
Wishes lost 'Ad Infinitum'
Cant be faked and cant be bought.

So bears reality a hardship?
That we crave such tranquil sea,
Has life changed or vice versa?,
Or is it linked inexorably?.

Can we answer such a question,
Do we have such right of quest?,
Decipher silence and its mystique,
Who could answer you the best?.

Well if i ask you what is silence?,
What for you describes its view?,
A billion answers I could fathom,
Probably, they all are true.

Silence has a personal meaning,
Thoughts alone, for us to bear,
A time of total life reflection,
For silence and your mind to share.

© Iceman 2011


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