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by Iceman

Tread softly forward filled with pride
Amongst the Shropshire Countryside

Atop the The Brown Clee standing tall
Such beauty Summer,Spring or Fall

Though Winter time displays her charm
So harsh for stock from farm to farm

I stand and breath the thinnest air
Walking tall with not a care

For God has filled our cup to brim
With Shropshire's bounty here within

Money has no worth to me
While I am rich in all I see

From Clee Hill's view of countless spires
To Acton Scott and working Shires

While Long Myndd has the Counties Crown
High above The Stretton's Town

Such beauty that can scarce be found
Does lie in Shropshire all around

The sprawling Dales that mark her girth
No finer place upon this Earth

Tho travel I great distance past
The one thing that will always last

It may just be my heart is torn
This Shropshire lad so bred and born

To stroll once more with aching pride
Amongst my Shropshire Countryside

© Iceman 2011


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