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by Iceman

"The wind is lazy, cold today"
"It cuts straight thru you" Dad would say,

It took my breath and made me gasp,
As dad's huge hand I reached to grasp.

That reassurance seemed required,
As on we walked though both grew tired.

We stopped the odd time, caught our breath,
That "lazy" wind chilled us to death.

Though the walk seemed tough to bear,
We strode on fearless. Not a care.

For here we were amongst old friends,
That distant view that never ends.

Such beauty overwhelmed our being,
Our Shropshire home a sight for seeing

We stood there... just my Dad and I,
No words were needed, and by.....

A timeless moment, not a sound,
Just chilling breeze now all around.

a moment out, of lifetimes toil,
A memory no man could spoil.

For these are thoughts that make me so,
A life that I am blessed to know.

© Iceman 2011



I\'ve not heard the expression \"lazy wind,\" since my Dad died, I loved this , Gwen

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