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by Iceman

I wont weep for you
If you dont want me too
I wont cry a single tear
If you dont want that sadness here

They tell me you will still be there
In quiet room, or open air
My thoughts torment me so
Much more than you could know

Though angels mop your tired brow
I am all alone right now
I think of joyful moments spent
Every moment heaven sent

I wont weep for you
If you dont want me to
I must be strong for both of us
You never wanted loads of fuss

But when I am alone
And darkness fills our home
The loneliness torments my heart
You went so soon we had to part

You shone as only stars can shine
A light so pure, a glimpse in time
Though angels voices came to sing
I wouldnt change a single thing

So I wont weep for you
If you don't want me to...
But if per chance you sit awhile
Beside me in my dreams
Then raise a tender arm to me
As awkward as it seems...
And let me know in your own way
That we will meet again.... some day.

For tears may not be what you need
You seldom paid them any heed
For me they're all i have to spare
Knowing you're no longer there.

Allow me just a tear or two
It's what the living tend to do,
When faced with such a sad event
"I love you". yes, you know it's meant.

© Iceman 2011


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