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by Iceman

The shouting fades at last
No pain the feelings numb
The hurt that came to pass
So much for one so young

I sit amongst the angels here
No time for any sadness
No hits or shakes, no smell of beer
No drugs inciting madness

No chance had I to play on swings
No days of summer laughter
Just hurt and pain and all it brings
The tears that followed after

Was I to know such brutal things
That broke my earthly being?
As I sit here with Angels wings
I cry at what I'm seeing

For man has learnt to fly and swim
To climb the highest peak
But still such evil lies within
You know of what I speak.

Although I wanted just to play
A life of hardship borne
I lived with beatings day to day
To me it was the norm.

I cried out to the ones i loved
For solace not for beatings
I prayed for saviour from above
Not Social service meetings

So if I have a story thus
A lesson for our peers
Well that would be remember us
Our short but brutal years.

© Iceman 2011


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