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by Iceman

Can you remember years ago?
When life seemed, well... just good you know?

When 'Please' and 'Thankyou' filled the air
And Kids played Hopscotch, not a care

Neighbours stopped to chat awhile
cross garden fence with cheery smile

Doors were always open wide
A welcome guaranteed inside

A favour asked was always done
With cheery snile that scolded none

When teachers had control of class
And local councils cut the grass

When Nurses were the very best
Not hindered by another 'test'

When 'Sister' ran the ward so well
And gave the cleaners so much hell.

When 'Coppers' clipped you round the ear
without a 'libel suit' to fear

When shops sold food without the 'E'
Just fresh and wholesome, you could see

When half past eight was time for bed
Not walking streets at 12 instead

When politicians held good grace
Not greedy slobs without a face

And Europe seemed a friendly sort
We trusted it.... we never ought...

So all in all have things progressed?
Well that they have my friends 'oh yes'!

But do i yearn for days gone by...?
Oh so much so.. that I could cry...

© Iceman 2011


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