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by Iceman

Once upon a summertime In days now sadly past
We ran we played, a world of time, oh... that it should last

Without a care of busy times, so seldom seen again
We lived a world through childs eyes... every day a game.

The summer sun our constant friend, forever it would seem,
The rainy days a faded part, of this our childhood dream

The throes of summers growing pains, now left so far behind
The smell of grass so freshly cut, stays etched upon our mind

The fields of grain that caught the wind and whispered such a tune
Of childish thoughts and innocence... they disappeared so soon.

Our friends that walked beside us, so perfect, like the games
Those memories forever ours, tho' time can lose their names

How we laughed and how we cried and yet we knever knew
That these would be our salad days, so perfect yet so few...

© Iceman 2011


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