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by Tanza

I fell below the waterline
And all was lost it seemed
So full of air but couldn't breathe
As sun rays gladly beamed

The light was bright and guided me
Straight up to life once more
But not a single person saw
Me floating far from shore

I couldn't make them hear my words
And quickly I was swept
By waves that washed me far away
In turmoil as they leapt

No rest or comfort came my way
As silently I drifted
Until a sailor reached for me
And gently I was lifted

I opened up my heart to him
And told him all my woes
He took my words and set a course
For places no-one knows

He travelled far to help me out
And make the wrong go right
We landed at an empty land
With only hours 'till night

But still he clung on tight to me
As through the trees we walked
He knew exactly where to look
Although we'd never talked

At last we came to just the place
Where sleeping children lay
The sailor gently woke them up
And took their fear away

No longer were they lost at sea
And left alone to fend
This kind and helpful sailor brought
Their nightmares to an end

I know they're grateful for the help
The sailor brought at last
But not one thank you did I hear
For fetching him so fast

They threw me down on to the sand
And kicked me 'till I rolled
I wasn't useful anymore
My desperate tale was told

I'm left behind without a thought
For how I feel inside
So empty and forgotten
Just waiting for the tide

© Tanza 2011


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