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by Don1

Itsy bitsy spider crawling up the wall
With seven legs and a great big head
You’re really not that small.

Although I quite like spiders
My family hates you all.
Especially when you come at night and creep along the wall

You terrify my children,
You terrorise the wife
I hate to have to do you in but I want an easy life.

I once met your big sister
She truly was a scare
With big thick legs and a stripey back and a comb to brush her hair!

Her teeth were black and pointed
And her eyes could see all round
I caught her in some tupperware; she weighed a quarter pound

My daughter found her in the loft
whilst looking for a case
I thought that she had seen a ghost; the look upon her face.

I took the spider on a bus
I took her picture too
I let her go in a derelict house but she should be in a zoo!

I hope you never miss her
I’m sure you never will
‘cos for the sake of peace and quiet
It is you I’ll have to kill!

© Don1 2011


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