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by Don1

He wanders in, though not by mistake
oh no, he has come here to take
in the pleasure of her movement
deliberately, a thirst to slake

Unlike the other watchers, he scans the scene
and as the lights undim he peels his een
and wallows in the wondrous beauty
of his sublime dancing queen

This Zoriat god outside he waits
and knows by his nature he can persuade
her supple arch to bend and sway
to his will before the break of day

On neutral ground they share a cup
of kindness yet and both rise up
and wake the creatures of the dawn
with beastly gasps escaping long

Undone, exhausted but glowingly spent
they break away, agreeing to spend
another time as though by chance,
like this one, where she made him dance.

© Don1 2011


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