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by Don1

Here tells the story of a desert trek where legends were made and folk look back
to remember the day when many hurled in many wagons to the Edge of the World.

There were Jeeps, Suburbans, Patrols and Rovers, Airdrops, Pajeros and other movers.
There was even one in a blue saloon making the way by the light of the moon.
The sun was high when all set off to drive a convoy through the rough
and stoney ground and desert sand to have a party at the end of the land.

On a quiet weekend afternoon the highway thundered with little room for fainthearted wanderers
who, when they saw, stopped and stared agape with awe.
There were casualties too upon that day; the damaged truck and some would say
the unfortunate ones who were almost lost, but arrived in the end to their cost.

Karajarina blew her offside front but saved her crew to rejoin the hunt
with battered nose and tired eyes her trusted companions by her side.
The Fire Truck was loaded high with builders wood and trundled by
and slow it went but it chugged far, with brave co-pilots Elvira and Tanza.

GPC passed them by in his trusty steed and Gwenllian cried,
“have you seen the state of GPC’s bird?” - It was only Waycyber, dressed as a Kurd.
The Fire Truck was left for dust. The way ahead - The Edge or bust
and once off road they rendezvoused with all the rest that made it through.

A hundred trucks or maybe more did not wait long ‘til off they roared
across the dusty rocky plains, a smoking snake, a thundering train.
They reached the point of no return and watched the falling of the sun
except the Firebirds who, out of luck, arrived on tow by another truck.

They’d run aground, the engine boiled, just like themselves, how hard they toiled
but once again they showed no fear as their truck ran into Iceman’s rear.
The Disco detached, the Fire Truck holed, the shout went up for one so bold
as UriahKlebb’s Ranger took the strain and the Fire Truck was mobile again.

They left the scene, one and all, upon the camp the convoy called
and set it out and claimed their land, tables, chairs and coolers in hand.
Before too long, the party on, the minstrels played and sang their songs
and all joined in when gathered round and danced the night on open ground.

But mischief fell upon the scene and LegoStan had to lose his jeans.
Upon the burning wood they fell, went up in smoke; contents as well!
For hours he stood and watched the flames, or so it seemed, in sad refrain
in underpants and not much more, his car keys at the fire’s core.

Firebird Tanza reappeared, towards the firelight she neared
and wearing nought but thin white socks upon the burning embers walked.
She wandered off with roasted feet, through the dark, away from heat
and never was she seen again ‘til morning time and almost light, she truly was an awful sight.

And wondrous Don1, the girls’ delight became the hunter of the night
fetching wood from all around to keep the fire safe and sound
until he fell upon his face.
Which he did with elegant grace!

The night went on and lasted well but one by one the jaded fell
but Waycyber couldn’t rest his head for all the rocks hidden in his bed.
And Willow walked so straight and true, towards her bunk she strolled right through
a smallish tent in her way, on she strode and didn’t sway.

The morning came, the sun went up. From all around they came to sup
a cup of cheer and share the bread and caffeine dosed to clear the head.
Witch and Nydas stirred awake and right away they found the snake
planted by Grumbleweed in their tent, it’s body squashed and head all bent.

The people laughed and said, “what fun” he really was a wicked one
to hide such things with canny knack, they did pledge to get him back.
The stumps were drawn, the camp was cleared, once more the wagons into gear.
Even LegoStan was mobile again; the blackened key fished from the flame.

ClaraJaneGreeves the heroine here; with relentless fervour the ashes she cleared.
Blackened hands and face and knees she found the key and LegoStan was pleased.
Especially since up to that point, TheVamp with hammer in hand was poised
to get the Jeep on the starting block by smashing up the steering lock.

So off they sped the convoy whole but the work required took it’s toll
upon the knackered Fire Truck which once again became unstuck.
Many helped along the way with broken ropes and chains all day
to help the limping Firebirds last and more saluted as they passed.

GPC shunted and Nydas tugged until the Truck it’s engine chugged
back into life and made it home, coughing and dying no more to roam.

The rest survived through the dust and smoke and home returned, happy folk
for having played their part that day at Korben Drake’s parting of the way.
I could tell more but why go on? Others will when I am gone
around the camp fire’s smoke all curled, tell the tale of The Edge of the World.

© Don1 2011


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