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by Gwenllian

Today I made a birthday cake 
with tender loving care
which to my Auntie I did take
for all her friends to share

I took it to the nursing home 
I kissed her on the cheek
and through thin skin I felt the bone
and she began to speak

I know your face, but who are you
she said with puzzled grin
I'm Ivy's girl I said to her
remember her, your twin?

My sister, Ivy, yes I know
she's dead, she's gone, she's buried,
she's in the place I soon will go
but who are you, she worried

I smiled and said ,No matter Vi
I've only come to visit
she looked at me and then said why?
is it my birthday... is it?

This lovely lady lost in time
the last memory of my mother
we sat together hands entwined
both thinking of that other

Today I made a birthday cake
for one who didn't know me
but, then, I made it for her sake
and so it always will be

© Gwenllian 2011


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