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by AmberwentheArcher

Amberwen sat down on a moss-covered log and sighed. She put down her bow in the long grass and turned her face up to the sky. A fine mist of rain gently soaked her face, but she did not feel cold. Nearby she could hear the whispering of a small stream. She was struck by the change in light in the hours she had been walking; everything seemed tinged with a silvery glow.

At the forefront of Amberwen's mind was the seemingly endless time it had been since she had seen another soul. She had carried on walking with her backpack of essentials, her bow and quiver, hoping that eventually she would come across a friendly face. After a while she didn't care if the face was friendly or not - anyone would do.

Amberwen's eyes grew heavy and she turned, put her feet up on the log and lay down. She would rest before she continued deeper in to the forest.

© AmberwentheArcher 2011


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