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by WaylandCybersmith




I seem so innocent,

Green leaf ringed

And white petal crowned.

You may gaze in wonder

At my beautiful form

But, beware, for I carry a doom.

If you should fall asleep beneath me

You will surely die.




The Onceling


It burns, like the butterfly, shedding it's palace of ice, while green dreams fall from a sky full of mourning.

It screams, like the fish that swim in the desert sun, dying as they are born and never knowing the ocean's kiss.

It is lost, like summer warmth on a midwinter's day, like a bluebell in a graveyard of thorns.

It hides, like a shadow at the heart of a starless night, like an idyll of joy amid a night of terror.





Nimnod's Lament



Oh, I have hunted whale and shark,

I hunted dragon (for a lark),

But this beast is worse, though I'm a doomster

It is the hideous, deadly, gold-furred HAMSTER!





Poetry for Dummies



If you want to write a poem - tra-la,

Nothing could be easier - di dah,

You just need to make sure - di dum,

That the lines rhyme - pa rum.





Beware the Wyrmlings



There they lie,

Like small, green worms.

Not the sort to make anyone squirm.

No, not these. Oh, my.


When you see them, you cannot 

But pick them up and

Hold them in your hand

And they're gone.


You feel warm, glowing

Like you've had a drink

Then you feel it in your think

Then the starts tickling


And jumbling the words

All tickling over

And inside under

Germling and jubbling like birds


Then fung treppit pren stur

Thas nellit mog

Trll forja plog

Fram tumik HAMSTER!







Little one, close your eyes.

Dream of spiders, slugs and flies.

Don't feel the tickle on your skin

As the bedbugs burrow in.

Be quiet now, don't make a sound

The shadow things are all around.

Now, sleep until the morning light

Or else they'll keep you in the night





The Lament of Artemis Spoon



Though turnip chimes greenly

Amid metal trees unseemly

Battling clouds of granite cheese

Dance upon triangular knees








Bng bingity bingity bingity bong

Bing bingity bing bing bong

Bing bingity bong, bing bingity bong

Bingity bingity bong.





The Death of Colonel Salmon



Against my chest I held his head

From seven mortal wounds he bled

With sorrow, I heard my master

Scream his dying word "HAMSTER!"







© WaylandCybersmith 2011


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