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by WaylandCybersmith


Och, how the leaves an' branches dance

As spring's zephyrs blow

How the wee burdies swoop an' sing

An' how the rivers flow

The sweet signs o' spring are all around.

I'll kill ye dead if you no gi' me a pound.





Oh, the banks an' braes are callin' me

Doon where the heather grows

Now, I'm askin' you ta gi' us a quid

Or I'll pop you on the nose.





Oh, ma love, ma fair, fair love

With eyes like the night and skin like a dove

The sun shines down wherever ye stray

And the skies above wouldna dare t'be grey

Ma heart sings ta hear your sweet voice

An' your laughter maks ma soul rejoice

So I had ta write ye this wee, wee note

Justa say, gi' us a quid or I'll cut ya throat.


© WaylandCybersmith 2011


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