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by Nydas


What’s the Letter?


‘What is the letter?’ asked Billy of Sam,

‘Mrs Pitkin, she told me, whenever I am

Sad or upset, to make me feel better,

I must write a poem, a story or letter.


A poem is hard, I am no good at spelling

And my stories are rubbish and not worth the telling,

So a letter it is, but I really don’t see

Which one will do the trick, now I’m stuck, please help me.’


‘X marks the spot.’ Sam looked puzzled and grim,

A?’s what you say when you’re holding your chin,

B-ing and C-ing are things that we do

And S,K and H are no good to U.


D is the name of a day in the war

And R is the noise that you make when you’re sore.

P–ing and Q-ing will help you along

But F-ing and blinding is terribly wrong.


VW is a beetle-like car,

Keep your NMEs close so you know where they are.

I believe it is time for some cake and some T

And a Zed in the sun, or should that be some Zs?


J is a bird and L is a measure,

O,G! now we’ve found it, the answer, the treasure!

There’s only one left and it’s now clear to me

Which letter will make you feel better, you see


It’ll give you the answer to what’s made you sad

And help you to figure out what’s made you mad.

It’s Y is the question and clearly the letter

To use when you want to be sure to feel better.’


Billy looked glad and relieved , just a bit.

‘Y is the answer, you’re right, that is it!

Well Sam,’ he said, ‘You are terribly clever

I think we’ll be friends now for ever and ever!’




© Nydas 2011



clever girl!!

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