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by WaylandCybersmith


Do you remember me?

The Million a Month Man,
The Golden Boy.
The Kid with the Midas Touch.
I bought houses and cars
Even had my own plane
And an island in the sun.
And I thought, this is the life

I partied with princes
And lunched with the stars
I was always on TV
In mags and rags
Wherever I was
Cameras clicked
And I thought, this is the life

I had lovers and stalkers
The bad and the mad
Crooks and hustlers
Brown nosers, Gold diggers
And all that I did
They put in the news,
You couldn’t see the truth for the lies.
And I thought, is this the life?

When you can have what you want,
With the stroke of your pen,
The value of things lose their meaning.
I got bored with the houses
Bored with the cars
Bored with the new girl each night
And I thought, is this the life?

My heart was a void
Empty and aching
Nothing could satisfy
No drink, no drugs
No gamble, no thrill
Nothing could make me feel human
And I thought, I’ll end this life

They thought I was mad
When I sold all I had
And vanished into the night
Some thought I was dead
But it has to be said
They were near enough right.
I thought, death to the old life

I slept on the street
But who did I meet
But homeless men with a heart
They showed me their ways
And within a few days
I had friends right from the start
And I thought, is this the life?

No money have I
Except what I beg
Or work for from day to day
And I share with my friends
Whatever fate sends
Life is so good, I could cry.
And I thought, this is the life.

To the aged and youth,
I tell you this truth,
It don’t matter if you’re rich or you’re poor.
It’s not the money that makes you rich
But the friends you can count on for sure.
This is the life.


© WaylandCybersmith 2011


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