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by Gwenllian

Jen wearily opened the car door and helped her mother to get out, she took her arm and they slowly made their way into the hospital. They were going to visit her Dad, nothing unusual in that you may think, but her parents had been divorced for ten years, when they did meet they spent most of their time sniping at each other.

So Jen had been a little surprised to say the least when her Mother, who was herself suffering with cancer, had rung to say she wanted to go and visit Jen's Dad in hospital where he was recovering form an operation on a compound fracture of his femur.

Jen was feeling very aprehensive about the meeting and was worn out with running around taking care of them both as well as her own family. Well here they were at last on her Dad's ward

Her Father was dozing when they arrived and Jen gently shook him and said softly," Dad, it's me Jen, I've brought Mum to see you". She stepped back and placed a chair beside the bed for her Mother, she went to stand at the end of the bed, they both looked so frail and old, Jen really wasn't sure how this would go.

Her Dad blinked a little with watery eyes as he woke himdelf up, then he peered at her Mum , held out his hand and gently took her Mother's in his. He leaned forward a little and said"You're still the most beautiful girl in the world" Her Mum smiled and squeezed his hand, Jen's eyes filled with tears and she silently left the room until she could pull herself together.

When she returned they were sill sitting there holding hands and murmmering softly to each other, suddenly all the hard work the running from one to the other, juggling the kids didn't seem to matter in the least. The years had rolled away and he was the tall handsome man with a wicked twinkle in his eye, and she was the slim carefree girl with the flirty smile and that was all that mattered.

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