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by ClaraJaneGreeves

As a child
I often dreamed 
But the world was not 
As it always seemed
Days out and joyous picnics too
Innocence was all I knew
I played beside the tumbling stream
Ate strawberries, chocolate and icecream
My mother always stroked my hair
I thought that she would always care
My father was my guiding light
He chased the monsters 
who hid at night
In my room beneath the bed
He loved me once 
but he never said
Silence, darkness, 
Replaced that world
Child abuse
And insults hurled 
Drove me out when I grew older
With doubt and fear uopn each shoulder
I wait, I think 
What lies ahead?
But the past is gone
Those dreams are dead.

© ClaraJaneGreeves 2011


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