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by Nydas




This is the madness of all we hold dear

A moment of calm, a word in your ear.

Straight jackets on with the absence of pain

Or emotion to trouble us ever again.


Fear of tomorrow with the memories of past

The present so missed as it passes at last

Numbing the feeling with whiskey and wine

Hoping the sanity comes with our time.


Missing the wonder, the marvel, the joy

Societies falsehood, the misleading ploy

Being acceptable towing the line

Turmoil within but outwardly fine.


What do we fear in the chaos of life?

The feeling of sorrow? The stabbing of knife?

Stiff upper lip keep the maelstrom well hidden

Fearful for passion to surface unbidden.


Desire unwanted and pleasures are stolen

The chaos avoided with words unspoken

Does sanity see us safely to bed

Or insist that we live life alone in our heads?


To keep us in order, no trouble, no more

Outrageous behaviour watch out, keeping score!

Infancy, youth where the madness was shed

We live life so sanely we might just be dead.






© Nydas 2011


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