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by WaylandCybersmith




When I was asked to write about the Wild Olive Shoot Community, I was, to be frank, insulted. I mean, I’m Mark Parram – Investigative Reporter. Why should I waste my time looking at a bunch of religious nutters when there is so much in politics and business to report on? But then, I thought, no. This was my chance to put the lid on the coffin of this group once and for all, nail it down, and stick it in a hole so deep everyone would forget about it.


Wild Olive Shoot Community is the new name of the group once known as the Blaze Community. Almost as long as Blaze was in existence, there were stories of community members being terrorized, of illegal imprisonment, sexual immorality, suicide, theft, and much, much more. The reputation was far from the happy, loving band of brightly clothed people they appeared to be in public.


So, what is the truth? Did they enslave people and force them to remain in community under physical threat? Did they mistreat and abuse members? Did they force people to give them all their money?


Their current leader is a man called Joshua King (known as Joshua Goodwill, more on that later). He took over in 2018. At that time Blaze Community was falling apart. Christopher Stoneham, the original leader, had died in 2005. The community was led by a team that Stoneham had put in place. That team handed over control to Joshua Goodwill when he had turned eighteen.


One of King’s first acts was to rename Blaze Community to Wild Olive Shoot. He initiated a number of radical changes, affecting every aspect of the community. Now, five years later, the community has grown, with houses throughout the UK. But, just how much has the community changed? King readily agreed to give me access to members and the writings of the group. To be frank, this took me by surprise. I had expected to be fed the Community line and sent on my way.


It would seem that the obvious first step would be to examine the life of Christopher Stoneham, regarded as the founder and apostolic leader of the Blaze Community, but the story actually starts some years earlier, with someone completely different.


© WaylandCybersmith 2011


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